Thursday, July 9, 2009

kickin' it in the peace corps office

Hi, Internet! I am back in the Dominican Republic. Here are some anecdotes:

  • My dad decided to pack a bag full of tools to send as a gift to my host dad. When I checked in to the airport at 5am, the check-in woman (who looked about as tired as I felt, and I had stayed up the entire night) informed me that the tool bag was three pounds over. Three! So mom and I began ripping open dad's careful tape job (why would you tape a duffel bag shut? If you are my dad, and you are supremely confident that your bag will not need to be opened, I suppose) and extracted a very large hammer and a heavy tape measure, knocking the bag down to an appropriate weight. Hooray!
  • When I arrived at the airport, I was slightly bewildered to be greeted by my friends Karina and Justin! Yay! They knew I had a ride back to my house, but they came anyway bearing signs that said "We [Heart] Renata" and "Welcome back, Scrabble!" Also, my super-sweet host parents picked me up in their truck and gave my friends rides home too. And then somehow got a flat tire but just took me home anyway.
  • Then I came into the capital the next morning thinking I was supposed to meet with my boss but it turns out NOPE, so I just hung out with friends and ate sushi and watched (and made fun of) Selena.
  • Today I took a long nap on the couch in the Peace Corps lounge. It was nice.

I still don't have a lot of details about my future site change. I MIGHT work with this NGO in Cabarete (a beautiful beach town) but I don't think I'll have any details until next Thursday at least, when I might go visit there. Basically my site change is kind of low on the priority list for my boss, which is fine with me. I'll just ease my way back into Dominican life and hang out for awhile. Also maybe help my friend Kathy with her youth camp, vamos a ver.

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