Saturday, July 11, 2009

current weather: raining

Current status: sitting in the Peace Corps computer lab uploading pictures of my cats to the Internet and drinking coffee out of a Thomas Kinkaide-printed paper cup that someone's mom sent in a care package.

Current mood: pretty alriiiight.

I still don't have tooo much more information about my site change, although it sounds likely that I will be placed with that NGO I linked to before. On Friday I'm going up to visit and meet with them. I hope they like me! (And vice versa.)

In the interim I'm basically hanging out. Last night Justin and I went to see Transformers 2, which was, perhaps, the absolutely most on-target bullseye to the lowest common denominator film I've ever seen. We had a great time. Tonight we are planning to have an Arnold Schwartzenegger festival, featuring Kindergarten Cop and Last Action Hero.

Tomorrow I am going up north to help my friend Kathy with her youth camp until Friday, when, as I mentioned, I'll be going to visit with my potential new site.

Right now, here are a few pictures from my last batch of at-home photos.

Kitty Barack and Kitty Magneto! THEY ARE SO CUTE.

Me with Tyrone, the most BA of all cats.


Dad & I, also at Burger Barge. I mean, BURGER BARGE.

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