Friday, March 28, 2008

care package how tos!

Hi everyone!

Some very nice people have inquired about sending me care packages. If anyone would like to (no pressure), here are some tips:

  • Use a padded envelope, not a box. Envelopes are apparently less likely to be stolen.

  • Do not send anything too expensive, because the Dominican mail system is pretty unreliable and it could get lost.
  • On the customs form, delcare it as a gift with a value of $0.
  • Don't send anything via FedEx or DHL because I will have to pay an outrageous amount of tax on it.
  • Some things that I like and are hard to get here: chocolate (especially dark chocolate! or chocolate-peanut butter anything), other American candy (I especially like Mike & Ikes and Jelly Bellies), granola bars, dried fruit/fruit leather, almonds or other non-peanut nuts, soy nuts, Gatorade mix, lip balm, lotion, art/craft supplies (colored pens, construction paper, lanyard string, etc), mini-packets of Kleenex, unscented Playtex tampons, pictures of Zac Efron, other trashy celebrity gossip items, boxes of non-perishable, non-microwaveable vegetarian food (Annie's pasta, Tasty Bite Indian dinners, some of the Thai Kitchen dinners, etc.), burned CDs or DVDs of movies or TV shows, and the like. Of course, I´ll take whatever you want to send :)
  • Muchas gracias, amigos! Oh, and my address is posted here.

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