Friday, July 17, 2009

greetings from cabarete!

HEY BLOG. How have you been? I've had an eventful week, I suppose! I went up a mountain to Constanza, where I helped my friends Chris, Kathy, and Malia run a youth day camp. It was nice: the air is cooler up the mountain, and I got to go on some fun hikes and get a free snack every day. It wasn't all sunshine and unicorns, however:

  • I got enormous (egg sized in surface diameter, though not in depth) bug bites from evil insects known as magi.
  • I got hit in the face with a baseball and had a sore nose.
  • I had the sniffles all week.
  • I scratched my arms on thorn bushes.
  • I fell on a rock and skinned my knee REAL BAD.
  • I broke my glasses across the nose and had to tape them together.

Basically I had a lot of maladies an average elementary school student might sustain. Hilarious.

Now I am up in Cabarete, a nice beach town on the North Coast. It seems I will be moving here next week! I will be working with the DREAM project and it seems like it will be awesome. I looked at some housing options today and hopefully I will hear back about prices by the end of the day and move in somewhere on Tuesday! Goodbye, stupid old town. Hello, beach!

Oh also I will get new glasses on Monday, which I am really looking forward to because this tape job keeps coming undone, causing my glasses to fall off my face at inopportune times. Actually there are never really any opportune times for glasses to fall off one's face.


Kait said...

I'm glad I'm not the only person over the age of eight who still skins their knees!

(Also, I totally owe you an e-mail. It has been a ridiculous two weeks.)

Julia said...

I'm glad you get to leave the mean nun and get new glasses! Sounds like an eventful week.