Friday, May 8, 2009

more tales from this dominican life

Yesterday I went into Santiago to meet up with my friend Karina and her visiting friend Carina. (I know, right, what are the odds?) We climbed to the top of the Monument, which is the first time I'd ever done that. There's a nice view from up there, although not too much to see. I was more impressed with the awesome mannequins in the historical tableaux on each level on the way up. I regret that I forgot my camera, since these were some high quality historical kitsch in my favorite vein.

Afterwards, we went to La Sirena where I bought ramen noodles and attempted to purchase an unintentionally hilarious Precious Moments greeting card to send to my mother. I got to the checkout, where the cashier swiped my noodles just fine, but was flummoxed by the greeting card. "It doesn't scan," she said helplessly, then stared at me distantly.

Me: Oh.
Cashier: It doesn't scan. (Continues staring)
Me: Can you do anything?
Cashier: No.
Me: You can't ask someone how much it costs?
Cashier: No. Usually there is a muchacho who checks the price, but he is not here.
Me: There's no one else you can ask?
Cashier: The muchacho is not here.
Me: ... so I can't buy this?
Cashier: No.
Me: I really can't buy this card?
Cashier: No.
Me: (Stares)
Karina: (Engages full-on Spanish-flip-out mode at the cashier)
Cashier: I'm sorry.

Oh well. Sorry, mom, but this is why you're getting an eCard for Mother's Day: the muchacho wasn't at La Sirena. Nothing to be done.

Schedule for the week to come:
Saturday: English class if anyone comes (so probably not); helping out with the afternoon computer class.
Sunday: Visiting Justin for Battlestar Galactica party.
Monday-Wednesday: Helping with the medical mission at Justin's site. (Translating for Dominicans receiving free medical care from visiting doctors.)
Wednesday: Heading to the capital for the new volunteers' swear-in ceremony.
Thursday: All-Volunteer Conference, which I am pretty sure will be a nightmare but maybe will be fun.
Friday: Travel day?
Saturday: Do the 27 Charcos with friends--a series of waterfalls that you climb up and jump down. I haven't done them yet but they're supposed to be a great Dominican experience.
Sunday: Graduation at my high school.

Oh, and yesterday my landlord came by and promised to talk to the power company this morning to see about reinstating my luz. He also assured me that I did not have to pay the $12,000 pesos owed. So, we'll see. At any rate, I'm leaving again so I won't need electricity until I get back.

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