Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Justin's birthday cake! They don't decorate cakes at Nacional so Keane and I had to do our best with big frosting and a toothpick.

"I have a request... can all the girls drape all the guys? Like in a hip hop video?"
"... only because it's your birthday."

Carly & I re-enacting our karaoke glory.

Me riding up the loma to Anne & Tim's site. (I told you I wore my helmet, and now I have evidence.)

Carina, Carly, me, and Justin pre-27 Charcos. Each of us jumped off of the 27th!! We couldn't take pictures because no one had a waterproof camera, but you can take a digital tour here if you are so inclined. (In English, even.)

A delicious campo meal of homemade falafel and red wine (hauled up the mountain on a moto.)

Como siempre, more available at my Flickr.