Wednesday, April 29, 2009

welcome to my disaster area

SO. I finally got my running water fixed (although it mysteriously stopped working all of yesterday, it's back again today). Naturally, life would be too easy if I just had functional, yet occasional water and electricity, so yesterday morning someone from Edenorte, the power company, arrived to cut off my luz. I fought them off with the receipt for last month's paid power bill, but apparently they came back in the afternoon after I left. This happened once before, because the lady who lived in my house before me left me with a $12,000 peso outstanding bill (roughly US$300/roughly what I make in a month). I pleaded my case--"It wasn't me, I swear, and my landlord says that lady is dead" and they reconnected my luz. Today, no such luck-either I have to get my landlord to pay (unlikely, since he is a shady shady dude) or I have to pay myself (ouch) or I have to live sin luz. Ay, Dios.

Anyway, if that weren't enough, yesterday it rained hard enough to flood my house. This happens occasionally, not because my roof leaks, but because my entire yard is paved over, and when it rains enough in one day, the water flows up under my door and into my house. Yesterday it rained enough to fill my entire house (usually it only makes it into my front room) and make my yoga mat float out of my bedroom and into the living room. Luckily, my floor is all tile, and I'd been meaning to mop the place anyway. So it's all for the best, really. Basically.

I'm planning to deal with my luz situation primarily by a) skipping town and b) spending even more time at the computer center. Also eventually harassing my landlord, except I'm still kind of scared of getting evicted. I mean aside from the fact that my house has no power, lets in water, and has a shady landlord, it's a very nice house & in a very convenient location.

Anyway, like I said, I'm skipping town tomorrow--I'm heading to my friend Justin's site to guest teach an English class, and then we're going into the capital together for our friend Sarah's despedida (goodbye party), since she's leaving the DR soon.

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Anonymous said...

The PC office can't make them act right? There has to be someone who can speak for you. That's not right. And as much as you love your house (please do a photo house tour), it might be worth saving yourself the stress of a shady landlord and retarded electric company if you just moved.