Friday, April 17, 2009

important bureaucratic events

So anyway, after my freezing cold Constanza adventure, I hung out in my site for a few days (including attempting to hold a youth group meeting, which no one attended) and then headed into la capital. I had to get my green card renewed, which took over four hours. (Two hours of waiting to get a photo taken, 2 minutes to get a new photo taken, 1 more hour to wait for the card to get printed, and then another hour to wait for a new one because they had listed my birthdate as June 21, 2005. Which would make me three years old. Which is inaccurate.)

Then we heard that Hillary Clinton was coming to the Embassy that evening as part of her diplomatic tour or something. We were mad at first because it meant that the Embassy pool was closed all afternoon, but then we found out that volunteers were allowed to come. There was a brief flurry of excitement until we learned that Formal Dress was required, including Closed-Toed Shoes. Um, like any volunteer has any of that? A few dedicated people rustled up appropriate attire, but I gave up and went to see the Watchmen movie instead. (Hey, I've already seen Hillary speak, and I'd never seen the Watchmen before!) Apparently Madam Secretary gave a short speech thanking everyone for their service (including a Peace Corps shoutout) and shook some hands.

Now I'm just taking last-minute advantage of fast Internet at the office and getting ready to head back to site, where my goals are: finish watching Queer as Folk, finish watching BattleStar Galactica, and get my host dad to fix my house so I have running water again. Also, I've been trying to show my English class Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure for a month now but no one has come to class. I sent out some threatening text messages, so hopefully tomorrow morning los muchachos will arrive and experience some true American brilliance.

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