Thursday, August 14, 2008

On the Road Again

After a few pretty uneventful days back in my site, tomorrow morning I’m heading out for the capital. It’s Peace Corps Committee Weekend, where everyone gets together for a little bit of committee meetings and a lot of hanging out. I’m on the website committee and the IT committee, because in the Peace Corps I’m still a nerrrrrd.

After committee weekend, I’m picking Keith up at the airport on Monday :) We’re going to Sosua for a few days, then back to my site. Sosua’s a beach town up north. It’s also where long-term dictator Trujillo sent a small group of European Jewish refugees during World War II. (This was less a humanitarian gesture on his part and more an attempt to distract international attention from his own slaughter of Haitians, but still, good news for a few Jews.) Most of the refugees didn’t stick around the DR after the war, but there are a few in Sosua, and there’s a Museum of the Sosua Jewish Community, which you can bet this historical tourist will be visiting. And I suppose we’ll probably go to the beach. In the name of history, of course.

By the way, it might SEEM like I’m not doing any work, but actually I’ll be working strenuously on Peace Corps’s Third Goal, which is to share knowledge of your host country culture with other Americans.

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