Friday, August 29, 2008

Home Again, Home Again

I got back to site Wednesday night—thankfully too late to attend the local Catholic youth group meeting. (I’ve been an honorary member of this youth group ever since I came here on my first site visit, and I appreciate the attempt to integrate me into the community and the kindness of the Catholic youth. However, their meetings are inevitably way too long and too boring. Right now I’m working on scheduling some English classes for the same time as their meetings.)

Anyway, so I’m back in site. My house seems lonelier without Keith and without my desk. You may recall how excited I was to discover that the previous occupants of my house left an old desk in my house. This desk significantly boosted the amount of furniture I owned, and kept many of my possessions off of the floor. But last Saturday my landlord rolled up without warning to reclaim my desk. Fortunately, each of my bedrooms has a set of drawers built into the wall, so I moved most of my desk’s former contents to the second bedroom’s drawers. I’ve also taken to referring to my second bedroom as the “library,” which is pretty grandiose considering it has maybe 20 books in it. But it has zero beds in it, so library is more accurate than bedroom. I also refer to the covered parking spot-area as my “garage.”

Luckily, the 2 plastic chairs that I left out in my yard (which contains no grass) were right where I left them, completely unscathed by the storm. (Very lucky, since my plastic lawn chairs are also my entire set of living room furniture.) In fact, my town looks basically untouched by the hurricane. Arianna, my neighbor about an hour to the east, said it didn’t stop raining in her town for two days, and I’ve heard from friends in the southwest that the roads in and out of their towns are completely flooded out.

Now that I’m back in site after a few weeks of jet-setting, I’m working on scheduling my activities for the next few months. I’m hoping to start my Escojo mi Vida (a youth group focused on healthy decision-making, especially regarding HIV/AIDS), another English class, a web design class, a computer club, a Girl Scout troop, and a school newspaper…si Dios quiere, of course.

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