Wednesday, August 27, 2008

gustav all-clear

We get to go back to site today! It's stopped raining (and as hot as ever) in the capital. I have no idea how my site fared, but I think things should be OK--the worst of the storm passed over the southwest, and I'm in the northern-central region. Plus, my neighborhood now has paved roads (impressive, I know) so those should be in decent shape.

We've been having fun being standfasted in the capital, since we get a per diem of 550 pesos (~$15 US). Last night we went out to a French bistro that some of the older volunteers knew about and I got a delcious spinach & ricotta crepe. (As always, the best part of being out of site is the food!)

I'll let you guys know how things are at my site once I get a chance, but for now rest assured that I am well-fed and reasonably dry. (I did get my flip-flop swept away from my foot in a particularly flooded spot of street last night, but my friend Dave nobly chased it down for me.)

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Keith said...

I'm glad you get to go back home, and also that you got your flip flop back. =) Love you!