Friday, June 6, 2008

what happens in la vega, stays in la vega

Just kidding, why would I keep a blog if I wanted to keep anything about my life private?

Arianna and I have had an awesome time in La Vega today. I´m using Internet for the second time!! So decadent. We spent the morning shopping around. I purchased: one new pair of headphones (the left ear on my old ones died, making them very unsuccessful at blocking out rooster noises), a small mirror, Off! Deep Woods, mini-packets of Kleenex (easier to carry around than a roll of toilet paper, which is necessary since most public bathrooms do not provide such luxuries), a bag of chocolate covered raisins, and a Tupperware (to keep ants out of my chocolate covered raisins).

Then, while browsing a shoe store we befriended a vegetarian Dominican who recommended a restaurant to us. Then, when we asked for directions, she just took us there on her way home from the store. So nice! And the food was delicious. Although let´s face it, these days I´m thrilled with pretty much everything that isn´t rice or beans.

This weekend my don and dona are going to a couples retreat (let´s hear some sitcom audience-style OOOOHs), so I´ll be pretty much on my own this weekend. This is fine, because it means I can prepare my own meals. Ones which contain neither rice nor beans.

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