Friday, June 20, 2008

happy day-before-birthday to me!

Hi everyone! Just a quick check-in from the free Internet at the Peace Corps office to say that my birthday soiree was delightful. All my favorite PC people came for a yummy lunch at the Embassy (I had spinach ravioli, a fruit salad, and a cold Coke Zero) and a relaxing swim in the pool. Followed by a nice, hot shower. Life is good. The only tragedy is that I forgot to bring the little paper umbrellas I bought in La Vega. Oh well, they'll spice up the next PCV gathering.

Then we all came back to the PC office and shared the bounty of our received care packages; Asahi got about 20 pounds of chocolate and Karina got a People magazine. (I demanded that she read aloud the story about Miley Cyrus's photo shoot scandal. Also, an interview with Pete Wentz.) Now we're regrouping before dinner at the falafel restaurant.

I feel a little bad being out of my site for 2 weekends in a row, but last weekend was WITH people from my site, so it doesn't really count. Plus, it's my birthday so I can do whatever I want.

Also, I picked up an ESL resource book at the library, so this was a completely necessary trip, as I'm starting teaching my English classes next weekend.

Regrettably, Keane forgot to return my camera cord, so I probably won't be uploading any new photos until August. I still look pretty much the same, just a little thinner, a little tanner, and a little older.

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Priscilla said...

What kind of camera cord? I bet I could hook a sister up.