Saturday, May 17, 2008

pa´lante que vamos

Well, I survived Dominican elections! Current President Leonel Fernandez was re-elected, as expected. Things were pretty mild here in my town; people were definitely out and about yesterday but nothing extreme.

I´ve been trying my best to kill time this 4 1/2 day weekend. I´d really just like to start my project, but since no one else in the country works around election time, I can´t either. I´ve done my best to adjust to the Dominican custom of just dropping by people´s houses unannounced and hanging out for hours, but it´s a little awkward for Americans to partake in.

I´ve also read my way through two books in the last week; a little worrying, since I only have 7 books to last me until I can get back to the Peace Corps lending library. Additionally, I have set a new high score on Race 21, the game that came with my cell phone.

I´ve also continued my small talk efforts with my host family, but they don´t talk to me very much. They have, however, prayed for my ¨heart to be opened.¨ They seem a little friendlier since Wednesday, when I explained to them that I do not work for the Catholic Church, but rather for the US Government. Overall, it´s another slightly awkward living arrangement, but they´re nice enough and soon I hope to be very busy with my project.


Sandy said...

Do you have a newer more current address?

Tara said...

I second sandy's comment! Is the address from February still the best one to send you things at? Inquiring minds want to know! Or something.