Friday, May 30, 2008

a hard week´s weekend

Incidentally, I learned that the Spanish version of "A Hard Day´s Night" is basically like "Oh, a night like such a day!" which really does not have the same ring.

Anyway, I hitched a ride into La Vega on one of my family´s many church visits to use the cheaper and faster Internet available here. They are slightly disappointed that I am not actually going to church with them, but it is their own fault for telling me that this superior Internet existed a mere two blocks from their church.

This week has been a little stressful, but today there was an end of school party for the teachers that was fun. I spent a lot of it playing catch with my project partner´s 5-year-old daughter, but I was also coerced into dancing merengue with one of the other teachers. Then, when my host dad got home two hours later, he told me he´d heard that I dance merengue really well. Oh how the chisme (gossip) travels!

Other than today´s exciting Internet trip (and merengue excursion) I´m planning to lay pretty low this weekend.

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