Friday, May 9, 2008

in the peace corps for real!

Yes, it's true, I survived the Peace Corps graduation ceremony. My speech went well and seemed pretty well-liked, so, yay! Plus we got sweet Peace Corps tie tacks, so that's worth it.

Since then we've been sucking all we can out of the capital. Last night we all went out to a discoteca/car wash (a common multi-use space here) and today we went to a pool party at the Ambassador's house. It was pretty amazing, and the poolhouse had hot showers! And now we're sharing our swanky Marriott room, complete with air conditioning and hot showers! So spoiled.

Anyway, I'm sharing this computer with others so I'll keep this short, but basically life is good and tomorrow I'm returning to my site!

Oh, and I lent my camera cord to a friend who inadvertently left it in some unaccessible lugagge, so I won't be able to share any new photos until I get that back.

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