Monday, March 10, 2008

se me olvide!

Hello everyone! So this weekend I wrote two different blog entries on my laptop with the intent to post them when I got Internet. But here I am at the telecentro with my flash drive, only to discover that I never transferred them off my laptop onto the flash drive. Doh! So I´ll try to go back and post those later.

I still haven´t found a good place to upload photos, the Internet at this cafe is too slow & unreliable for successful uploads.

In short, life is still pretty good here. This Saturday was very exciting, we had a fascinating tour of the Ciudad Colonial, the oldest part of Santo Domingo. It was led by Lynn Guitar, one of the foremost professors of Dominican history, and she was great. Afterwards some of us went to the Botanical Gardens, which were beautiful. Apparently they are the fourth most important botanical gardens in the world. I´m not exactly sure how they order these things, but it was definitely very large and very full of plants. It was a really nice respite from the busy, loud city for awhile.

On Thursday, another PCT and I will be embarking on a trip to visit a volunteer in the field until Sunday, and after that we really only have one more week here in Santo Domingo. I´m excited to start CBT, but it´ll be weird to have to get the hang of a new place again. At least our CBT site is smaller than Santo Domingo, so it will hopefully be easier... plus, my Spanish will be mejor!

My current low point is that I´m pretty gross and sweaty and our shower bucket has been empty since yesterday afternoon... hope we get our running water back soon or I´m going to smell awful!

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