Tuesday, March 4, 2008

ha ganado barack obama?

Hola guys! I just posted two previously-written blog entries, but here´s a quick update about right now. I´m in an Internet cafe in my barrio with my friend Karina, who is my closest PC "neighbor," a few blocks away. First we stopped at her host family house and had juice. It´s kind of like a gradeschool playdate.

The big news at Entrena today is the election at home. We´re all big Obama supporters, but the PC likes us to keep our political opinions to ourselves when among Dominicans. So when someone asks me what I think about the US elections, I say, "Ahh, me gustan todos los candidatos!"

Tomorrow hopefully we´ll have word about today´s primaries. In addition to talking about Obama, we´ll be taking a big excursion to downtown Santo Domingo and visiting the Museo Duarte, the PC office, the PC clinic, and eating at a restaurant. Very exciting!

Oh, and I also have a ton of pictures but I haven´t uploaded any yet. Perhaps tomorrow?


Sandy said...

Everything sounds so exciting and scary and fun. It seems like you've already have had a years worth of experience! Glad that you had a chance to update!

Keith said...

I'm glad it's going okay! I'll be sending you more letters. I hope you got my first one. I love you!

The Squirrel said...

Wow. Soooooo. Find any good souvenirs yet? I am enjoying living vicariously. xoxxoxoxoxox