Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hello, everyone! I’ve been having a great week here. My new host family continues to be amazing—for example, today I woke up to a gigantic fresh fruit salad, coffee, and a pleasant conversation during which my tenuous grasp on the Spanish language was never insulted. Mmm.

Training has been going pretty well. Some of the computer skills classes are a little bit boring, although a few companeras and I have been keeping them interesting by resorting to grade-school-style note passing. (Look, if our trainer is going to spend 3 hours on a Friday afternoon talking about basic functions of Microsoft Word, I’m going to start playing MASH. That’s just the way it goes.) My Spanish class continues to be great. Plus, the Dona who hosts our class always gives us good snacks.

Last night most of our group went out to El Seibo’s hotspot, the Discoteca WOW. It was interesting, although I think I have some more permanent hearing loss. More people were dancing in the street outside the Discoteca than actually inside it, and we eventually trickled outside too. It was (slightly) quieter there and cooler, too. One of the highlights of the night was seeing a guy wearing a pink T-shirt with sequins on it, a black cowboy hat, and a giant belt buckle depicting a gun covered in sequins. He was by far the classiest individual I have encountered here in the DR.

Also, the Internet cafes here are fast enough that I have been able to upload some photos, hooray! Here are a few highlights:

My old host sister, mom, and me.

Diego "Brother of Christopher" Columbus's home in Santo Domingo. (Christopher's home is no longer standing. Probably it looked a lot like Diego's.)

PC group photo in front of an old church whose name I forget!

Arianna and I at the beach!

My two new host brothers and one of my new host sisters, hanging out on the roof of our house.

Hope all is well with all of you! Keep in touch, homeslices. Oh, and on that note: in case you didn’t know, I am no longer using my email address. Please email me at sanckenr at gmail dot com!

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Sandy said...

I resemble that last sentence...

I had a panic that maybe I sent it to someone else with a frowl account that I no longer talk to... that sort of freaked me out.

I should be sending you a little something something on tuesday!