Sunday, January 18, 2009

how to eat a guanabana

Step 1:


Find a guanabana tree. Luckily, I have one in my yard.

Step 2:


Pick a guanabana. Do not get confused and accidentally pick a spiked Koopa Troopa.

Step 3:


Split it open. When they're ripe, this is way easier than it looks.

Step 4:


Eat the guanabana! It is super soft and slippery inside its spiky shell. I use a fork so I don't get my hands all slimy.


Mary in France said...

Those look suspicious and delicious.

Sarah said...

Renata! Today I saw Julia in DC, and we went to the American History Museum, and LINCOLN was on stage. But he didn't have a hat. Still, there was an ENTIRE EXHIBIT devoted to Lincoln, so we thought of you.

H3 Sarah