Monday, January 12, 2009

hello again

Hello again, friends. I’m taking another stab at writing up a blog entry to account for the last week or so. Mainly I’ve been feeling extremely unmotivated to do anything, even write blog entries, which I generally enjoy, being the Internet attention-seeker that I am.

Right now I’m heating up some water to take a warm shower, with the hopes that I will feel clean and warm and will be able to work up the motivation to visit the nuns. I’ve been meaning to deliver a gift to them, and they’re always very nice when I visit, but somehow I’ve been able to talk myself out of going over there (2 blocks away) very successfully. It’s just less appealing than lazing around my house.

I should say I haven’t just been lazing: I swept and mopped one day, and I also washed a lot of clothing today. And I pulled them all off the line when it started drizzling 20 minutes later. (Luckily, I have some clotheslines inside my garage-like area, so they can still hang up to dry, albeit more slowly than if they were exposed to sunlight. You can’t have everything.)

I’m also pretty excited about the fact that my running water came back!! It’s been out for so long that my huge cistern almost ran dry. Okay, probably not almost, but it was like two-thirds empty, which is the lowest it’s ever gotten. Usually I barely make a dent in it before the water comes back. Plus, I’m typing this at 3:30pm and I have electricity in my house! All week it’s been going out for 10+ hours during the day, so it’s exciting to have it back in the afternoon. Things are definitely looking up.

I’ve also been busily planning activities for when my parents come next month. There are definite perks to having a job with no real responsibilities or duties—if I’m not doing anything, no one minds if I take a vacation every month :)

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