Saturday, September 6, 2008

weathering the weather

Hurricane Ike still has yet to really show its face around here, although the wind picked up a bit about half an hour ago. The weather-witches at the National Hurricane Center say it should cause some rain here tonight, but that's about it. The storm is still aways out into the ocean and it's not expected to hit the DR directly. As a precaution, PC consolidated the volunteers in the northern two regions of the country, but not my region (which is pretty much the middle of the country). So right now all my friends to the north are having fun in a hotel in Santiago while I'm still standfasted in site. In summary: wah, I'm not sufficiently threatened by Hurricane Ike to get consolidated!

Anyway, although it hasn't rained in my site since Tuesday, school has been closed all week because of the possibility of hurricane. The Dominican school system has one of the lowest numbers of days in session of any school system in the world, and it's partly due to this tendency to cancel school at the drop of a hat (or single raindrop). Ah well, such is life! And I did at least get four kids to show up to my English class this morning. (Four of eight... which isn't that impressive, but it's also how many showed up last Saturday, pre-hurricane threat.)

I've been monitoring the storms as best I can, since my mom and grandfather are due to visit me on Tuesday. It seems like Ike will be out of the picture and Josephine won't have arrived yet, so their flight should be fine (si Dios quiere). In the meantime, I'm just going to keep on keeping on in my site. I did my laundry yesterday and I just picked up a new 5-gallon jug of drinking water, so I should be set for Ike's worst (which isn't projected to be terribly bad).

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