Thursday, July 24, 2008

homeward bound!

It's true, today Karina checked out of the hospital and I'm headed back home too.

Without going into too much detail I'll just say that her appendectomy had some complications and she ended up having a much longer recovery period than appendicitis usually requires. Stephanie, Arianna and I mostly stayed in the hospital with her and helped her out, and she had a number of other visitors.

Aside from being worried about Karina, it was almost like a slumber party, complete with air conditioning and cable TV. She's still recovering, but now she's staying at the Peace Corps country director's house for a few days. We're all counting on her to spy out his place and report back to us.

After the frigid air conditioning of the hospital, it's going to be a little tough going back to my bedroom where I don't even sleep under a sheet because it's too hot. Mostly, it'll be good to get back to site... it's been awhile.

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