Thursday, July 17, 2008


At long last, the combination of me having both my camera cord and fast Internet has occurred and I've uploaded my photos! Regrettably, this will be the last batch for awhile, since my maldita camera broke a couple weeks ago.

The whole set is up on my Flickr, but here are a few highlights.

My PCV class on the day of our graduation/swearing-in!

Me giving my speech at graduation. Fancy-pantsy.

One of the views from my hike of death in Jarabacoa.

This is how dirty my clothes were after the hike of death.

Me, Karina, and Arianna at the Embassy on my birthday. I don't know if I've explained yet how my PCV friends and I like to pretend that we're models? But we do. Like all the time. It's kind of weird, but it's vastly entertaining.

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