Friday, April 25, 2008

news in brief

Whew! I'm back in Santo Domingo, after an exciting trip back to Entrena which involved waiting 20 minutes for our taxi to get its battery jumped and me getting a ride from Ann's boyfriend, after initially blowing him off as a sketchy tigre. From Entrena I got a ride to my new host family, in the barrio of Los Angeles. My new Dona seems amazing; she's super nice and has hosted 15 volunteers before me, three of whom were vegetarians. Basically, she's been hooking the food up pretty hard so far and she has yet to belittle me!! Super bien!

Today we had some nonsense orientation with the two governmental organizations we're paired with. We got some super cool fanny packs, though! Also, good snacks. Also, afterwards we went to the PC office and raided the volunteer lending library, so now I have a good-sized stack of books to keep me going through the first three months at my site.

Tomorrow some of us are going into the city to get some FALAFEL. I can't wait! And on Monday we find out our project sites, and on Tuesday we get to go visit them. Have a good weekend everyone, and I'll keep you all posted when I have more information!

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