Monday, April 28, 2008

my future has been revealed to me...

... and I'll be living in the Cibao, the central region of the country! My site is near most of my friends and relatively close to Santiago, the country's other large city. It is apparently a cooler city than Santo Domingo, although I can't personally vouch for it.

Tomorrow I leave for a weeklong visit, where I'll meet my future longterm host family as well as my project partners. I'm pretty excited! I'll post more when I can. For now I just know barebones... the location, as well as the fact that my pueblo is about 30,000 people and the lab I'll be working at is in a high school with about 1000 students. It has 20 working computers, but no Internet. I've also received my cell phone! If you want my number, you can email me or ask my mom. It's free for me to receive calls, so habla conmigo (talk to me)!

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Sandy said...

Hey, just so you think I don't suck because I haven't sent you a package like I promised... a string of really crazy things have happened. Well not crazy but... I am telling you the truth here! I was gathering a bunch of EWs to send to you when lo and behold the nasty morning sickness (though it was 9pm) overtook me and I puked all over them! So those got thrown out. I figured I'd wait a few weeks and send you some newer ones and I realized after two weeks that I haven't gotten a new issue, because I didn't renew my subscription! I've been subscribing since 1997! I didn't know I had to RENEW! Anyway... I should be getting new issues soon. I did buy you an extra surprise though, I won't tell you what it is, but it may have a certain zac on the cover!