Saturday, January 16, 2010

tote bags for haiti!

DREAM is having an art show/fundraiser for the Red Cross next week! One thing we're planning to sell are these awesome tote bags made out of old T-shirts! We're planning to get kids to decorate them, but let me show you some of the plain ones I made this afternoon. It's soo easy, you don't even have to sew!

Step one, get a box. I mean, a T-shirt. And turn it inside-out.

Step two, cut the sleeves off of it, one inch-ish in from the seams. (If you do this a lot of times with crappy scissors, you will get a blister on your thumb. If you are lucky, you will have a Hello Kitty Band-Aid to put over it.)

Step three, cut out the neck. Basically make it a sexy tank top.

Step four, cut some awesome 80s-style fringe in the bottom. About a half-inch wide, two inches long, all the way across.

Step five, tie all the fringes together with double knots.

Step six, turn it rightside-out and oh my God you made a bag!!

Step seven, try to put your cat in the bag.



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you're so darn crafty!