Monday, November 3, 2008

happy day of witchcraft!

That's what the Dominican phrase for Halloween translates as literally, "Day of Witchcraft." Of course, they don't really need a phrase for it since Dominicans don't celebrate Halloween. This made it all the weirder when a group of PCVs went dancing in Santiago on Halloween and found one Dominican dude with a Little Red Riding Hood costume. I'm also pretty sure Dominicans don't have Little Red Riding Hood... maybe this guy was just visiting from Nueva York.

Anyway, it was a fun Halloween! We started off by eating candy out of everyone's care packages, then got yummy Chinese food, then went on a small Halloween parade. And by "parade" I mean we walked a giant circle around downtown Santiago trying to find a club where we could dance, yet wouldn't have to pay a cover charge. (Hello, Volunteers here.) We finally found a place and danced a few bachatas until the music inexplicably changed to techno. We somewhat awkwardly carried on dancing. It was a good night, though not particualrly Halloween-ish (minus Little Red Riding Hood).

Saturday we lounged around for most of the day, then headed out to Karina's site where we made chili and watched the bootleg of High School Musical 3 I bought outside the grocery store. Now I'm back in site, though I'm returning to Santiago tomorrow for an Election Day party! Obamanos!

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