Tuesday, October 14, 2008

que lo que?

Greetings from the Gringo Grita office (aka the PC library), where 7 intrepid volunteers are slaving away to produce PCDR's trimestral publication. A few highlights:

  • Joel: Does anyone know how to make an eñe (ñ) on this computer?
    Evan: N... just hit N really hard.
  • Evan (knowing of my hatred for avocados): I think we should run an ad for avocados. Renata can write that.
    Me: Or I could... kill you with an avocado. I'm just going to smash it in your face. Until you die.
    Evan: That could be one of their selling points!
  • (All of us, drunk on Internet, have become obsessed with the Genius Toolbar for iTunes, which creates playlists it thinks you will like.)
    Me: I LOVE this song! God, Genius is amazing.
    Evan: That's why they named it after me.
  • Then there was the 5-minute-long discussion about Kelis's song "Milkshake," specifically pondering what, exactly, "milkshake" refers to.

Anyway, probably most of our antics aren't nearly as funny to anyone who wasn't there for it, so I'll stop the list. But we're having a good time--definitely the best time I've ever had while spending like 8 hours on an Excel spreadsheet. I've been compiling and analyzing the anonymous close-of-service surveys from volunteers who are leaving the country soon. Here are some stats: 18% of this volunteer class butchered an animal in their site; 80% are going to grad school; 44% fell in love with a Dominican and 54% had sex with a Dominican.

Per usual for trips to the capital, I'm eating a lot of delicious food, although I'm burning some of it off from GG dance parties (por ejemplo, to Kelis's "Milkshake.")

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Why are your stories the best stories?